Promotion of Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism refers to the export of health care services and applies to patients who leave their country of origin to get preventive, curative, aesthetic or wellness health care. In Argentina it is one of the products involving most work to promote the alternatives that our country can provide to anyone requiring any kind of medical treatment or procedure.

Argentina offers several comparative advantages which position it in a place of excellence to optimize the arrival of tourists in relation to this product.

Cosmetic plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, fertility treatments and dental procedures are some of the medical specialties offered in Argentina which are already widely recognized abroad for their quality and level of expertise of their professionals, and are the most sought practices, following procedures. In addition to the above, Argentine public hospitals have proven expertise in many other medical procedures.

The expertise and quality of our professionals becomes apparent in all the representative figures our country has offered to global medicine, whose achievements are recognized around the world. René Favaloro, Luis Agote, Federico Leloir and Bernardo Houssay are some of these referent figures, who have positioned Argentina at the forefront of medicine.

However, the great added value of Argentina is its touristic offer, which can be combined with the treatments patients are to undergo. A further benefit tourists may enjoy is the development of better access to major touristic destinations, in addition to the kindness of its people, who will receive all visitors warmly.

Source: Inprotur Revista CHE

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